Secure file storage, syncing and sharing solution

Sync your folders in just two clicks

NumSync is a secure professional solution for storing, syncing and sharing files. No more need to email files, or copy them to USB keys or external hard drives! Everything stays in your secure cloud, on your host’s servers, or on your own servers. Available as an SaaS or PaaS model, this alternative to US cloud-based solutions such as Dropbox or Google Drive is specifically designed to allow smoother, more efficient internal and external team-based working.


Our solution provides businesses with essential security, control and traceability of data.

The simple, user-friendly control panel can be accessed directly via the solution’s web interface, allowing full management of user accounts.


To make NumSync ® even easier to use, we’ve added a sync folder that’s created by default on the desktop or Finder, and automatically added to the solution’s web platform.
Named "MyNumSyc", this folder acts like your business’ very own mini-cloud, allowing you to sync all your files handily in one place.

Online editing

Multiple users can work on the same document at once, directly in your cloud. Then simply convert the Numvision document into an Office file, and save it to your local workstation…

NumSync® can be customized and deployed as a white label solution to any internal infrastructure or on a host’s servers.

24/7 online access

Using the web interface, you can access all your stored files at any time and from any device, including smartphones and tablets.

Multi-machine syncing

Synchronize folders between multiple computers in real time. Files are updated automatically, with the most recent version available on all machines.

Secure sharing

Files can be shared internally and externally in complete security via a public link, with no limit on terms, size or number.


NumSync automatically saves previous versions of synced files and deleted documents. Files can be accessed via the web interface with just one click.

Mobile app

Share information on the go, with the mobile app for Android, iOS and BB10. The app includes the same main features as the full software solution.

Sending large files

The email plugin allows multiple large files to be converted into a public link, in real time. Attachments are automatically stored and available on the NumSync ® platform.

Find the right file, whenever you need it

NumSync ® is a file sharing and syncing solution specifically developed for team-based working.
Access data quickly, share and sync files securely at any time and from any device, and boost your team’s productivity. Your files are synced in real time and automatically updated on all your connected devices.


A safe, secure solution to protect your data.
With NumSync ®, you keep full control over your confidential data, and can share files securely not just internally with co-workers, but also with contacts outside your organization.

  • Data encryption
  • Platform admin roles
  • User activity tracking
  • Sync tracking
  • Username/password authentication (LDAP possible) on web interface
  • Whitelist for auto account creation permissions
  • User and group quota management
  • Data compartmentalization
  • Journals / logs

Simple, user-friendly interface

Sending secure public links

NumSync® lets you create secure, password-protected public links. You choose the link’s expiration date and grant the recipient permission to upload files to the shared folder. A data room is then created, allowing you to easily send and receive files outside your organization. You can also change the link’s expiration date at any time. Changes made to shared files are automatically updated.

Finally, if the cloud folder you have shared using a public link is synced, any files added by our external partner will automatically be saved to your local machine. No need to waste time downloading files via WeTransfer or email – your sync solution takes care of everything!

Admin console

As the administrator, you can define your security policy, control user file movements, and manage all accounts and quotas:

  • Monitor entities
  • Manage users
  • Monitor syncing
  • Monitor sharing
  • Access and archive event logs (web and sync)

Mobile app (IOS et Android)

Access your NumSync files and folders at any time via the mobile app. Share data internally, externally, rename, upload… the app offers all of the most important features of the full solution. Need to share a photo with your boss right away? No problem. Within three clicks the image will be in the shared folder, and your boss can access it on their machine with their own sync client! To test these features with your demo, download the “MyNumSyncD” app after confirming your account.

Happy syncing!