Keep control of your saved data!

Back up your data securely, with hosting in France, in SaaS mode or via a dedicated, customized platform


NumSave® lets you back up and store all your data securely in real-time. Install the backup client in just a couple of clicks, then select the folders you want to save in your secure online cloud. NumSave® gives you a cast-iron guarantee against any data loss.

How it works

Unlike other solutions available on the market, Numsave® requires no advance planning. Files, databases, workstation or server data are all backed up in real time.

NumSave® automatically keeps previous versions of the files saved, along with any deleted documents. Files can be accessed instantly via the web interface.

You can define your preferred security criteria for the infrastructure on which your data is backed up via NumSave®. It can be internal and managed in-house, guaranteeing you complete control of your files. Alternatively, it can be hosted by your usual provider.

Whichever option you pick, you retain total control of the data saved.

Simplicity and peace of mind

The user-friendly interface lets you manage backups quickly and easily.

You can access all backed up files, at any time and from any device.

With NumSave®, your files are backed up automatically and securely.


 NumSave® offers heightened protection for your data thanks to obfuscated client software code.

All file transfers between your organization’s different devices are encrypted.


  • Data encryption
  • Administrator role on platform
  • User action event tracking
  • Backup tracking
  • Username/password authentication (LDAP possible) via web interface
  • Whitelist for account creation permissions
  • User and group quota management
  • Data compartmentalization
  • Journals / logs


Retrieve the last three versions of files and deleted files, kept for one month. On your dedicated platform, you have full control of your versioning policy, and can keep your deleted files permanently if you prefer!

Admin console

The solution has an admin console for complete management, allowing you to:

  • Monitor your organization’s backup clients remotely
  • Manage user accounts: create, delete or modify quotas, backup frequency, etc.
  • Track events, archive event logs (files added, deleted or modified)

Check the software version installed on all client workstations and manage updates.