Store, share and access your files from your smartphone or tablet


Our mobile app gives you free access to NumSync® wherever you are, ensuring you stay connected while on the move and boosting your productivity. All you need is a 4G connection to access your data fast, anywhere in the world, and share your files securely at any time, from your smartphone or tablet. Collaborate with co-workers or clients from anywhere, whether you’re in a different country or in the back of a taxi.

The Numsync mobile app is available from the Apple Store and Android Play Store.

A secure, simple, and useful app

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New interface

The intuitive interface has been completely redesigned to ensure the most user-friendly experience possible. Finding shared folders fast and accessing all your stored files couldn’t be easier.


Secure sharing with public links

The app lets you share files securely with password-protected public links. You choose the link’s expiration date and whether the recipient is able to upload files to the shared folder.


Stay in the loop

The app has been designed to allow easy sharing of information with co-workers, clients and contacts while on the move. Alerts let you know instantly whenever new files have been shared or uploaded to your cloud.

Stuck in traffic? Is your boss waiting for an important file?
Send it to them using the NumSync® mobile app in just a couple of clicks!

Need to share a photo right away? The “photo” feature lets you take a picture and share it instantly via the secure NumSync® platform.

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Need to provide your client with documentation about a product? With NumSync® your files are automatically synced across all your devices, ensuring your folders and files are kept up to date constantly, in real time. Get hold of the right version of the right file, wherever you are!

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