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Numvision is a pure player in file storage, share and sync solutions for the BtoB market.

Our expertise:

Numvision patented its sync algorithm in September 2014, after successfully demonstrating its performance by transferring and syncing millions of files.

NumSync is central to our development strategy. An easy-to-use, intuitive solution for sharing and/or syncing files from any device.

Store, sync and share your data

in SaaS or PaaS mode, with data hosted or on-premise

Back up your data securely, with hosting in France, in SaaS mode or via a dedicated, customized platform

NumSave® lets you back up and store all your data securely in real-time. Install the backup client in just a couple of clicks, then select the folders you want to save in your secure online cloud. NumSave® gives you a cast-iron guarantee against any data loss.


Share and sync your files in just two clicks

NumSync is a secure professional solution for storing, syncing and sharing files. No more need to email files, or copy them to USB keys or external hard drives! Everything stays in your secure cloud, on your host’s servers, or on your own servers. Available as an SaaS or PaaS model, this alternative to US cloud-based solutions such as Dropbox or Google Drive is specifically designed to allow smoother, more efficient internal and external team-based working.


Send large files securely

Using a standard internet browser, send unlimited numbers of large files simply and securely to one or more recipients. They will instantly receive an email with a link enabling them to download the files. The solution includes SSL authentication, ensuring the files are encrypted during the transfer.

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