Numvision, an attentive partner

Partnership packages

Are your clients looking for an alternative to US-based data storage solutions? Are their internal and external data sharing requirements too big for a local file server to handle? Are standard backup solutions too complex and expensive? Then recommend they use:

Numvision has created two partnership packages to meet your needs.

Business Provider Partnership

  • What you get:

    • 2 NFR accounts of 5 GB each (for your free internal use)
      • You are the administrator for your organization and those of your clients
    • 10 client trial accounts
    • User training
    • Attractive commission structure
  • What your clients get:
    • Data hosted in France, with Orange (Cloud Watt)
    • Latest versions of our solutions with all options enabled
    • Custom web interface
    • Attractive pricing with volume discounts
    • Advice on business data processing (including personal data, GDPR, etc.)

Advantages for you:

  • Generate revenue from cloud computing services
  • No upfront investment
  • You bill your client directly, with no intermediaries

White label partnership

  • What you get:
    • A customized platform allowing you to create your own box!
      • Web interface + email notifications
      • Sync or save client
      • Mobile app (sync&share only)
    • 10 NFR accounts (for your free internal use)
    • 30 client trial accounts
    • User training leading to certification
      • For your administrators
      • For your sales operatives
    • Access to our “partner space” with all marketing materials, customizable user guides, etc.
  • What your clients get:
    • Advice on business data processing (including personal data, GDPR, etc.)
    • Data hosted locally (at your site or at your partner host’s site)
    • Customized web interface
    • Your “global” commercial offering, quite simply

Advantages of this partnership:

  • You create your own solution
  • You decide where and how data is hosted
  • You determine your business model